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02-19-2023 | 11:48 PM

Three new audio stories released.

This weekend I had a slight cold congestion, but I was able to get three new audio stories done! I hope you enjoy them!

The Girl in the Forest

Shooting Stars in the Nights Sky

Billys Best Day Ever
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02-13-2023 | 03:26 PM

Happy Valentines Day Update!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Heart Valentines day Heart ! I just finished writing all my v-cards for my school friends to give out tomorrow. I am still studying for my spelling bee, but I want to get a few more story narrations done soon, so be on the look out for that. That's all the updates for now, until next time! -Adel Heart Heart
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01-29-2023 | 09:15 AM

I have entered my schools spelling bee!

Hello everyone,

I have joined my school spelling bee try outs, only 3 will be picked to challenge other schools. I am very excited and can't wait to see if I make the team. I have been busy studying the spelling words in my spare time so my stories are going slower but I will keep you updated. Good luck to all my friends at school! Heart


Update 2/1/23

Today was our schools spell off to see who will be the top 3 to travel to the spelling bee event next month. All my friends did great today. I am happy to announce I was selected to be on the spelling bee team. I've got lots more studying to do. Wish us luck!
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01-25-2023 | 10:18 AM

New Audio Story: Timothy's Destiny

Sometimes it's just your destiny to finish your goals, even if you get a little grounded. Another school assignment using vocab words. Have a sunny day! consent
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01-23-2023 | 01:45 PM

New Audio Story: The Gingerbread Girl

Run run run, as fast as you can, right over to listen to Adel's new story! Another assignment from class where she had to use 7 vocab words. Hope you enjoy it!
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