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As of 2023 Adel is 7 years old and in second grade. She has been reading, telling, and writing stories since kidnergarden. Over the last two years she has gone through so many creative stories and she wants to bring her skill for other kids (and maybe adults) to enjoy. Currently she is reading 3 grades above her grade level and tries her hardest to keep all A's in her classes. Adel's creative writings can range from beautiful nice stories to a little horror and more.

Adel love's hanging out with her friends epsecially her 3 neices and many cousins. Adel writes, draws and types out all her own stories. While she would love to read many already published books, for copyright reasons she can only read public domain, AI and her own writings.

You can submit your stories to Adel with permission to post and read them, and If Adel likes the story, she will read and post it!

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