3. Guillermina Gutierrez
from Modesto | modesto
03-17-2023 | 09:29 PM

FUN Rating: 5 of 5 stars

love your site from trinity the one in your class love

Adel's Comment:

Thank you so much trinity!!! big grin Heart
2. Carrie
from Arizona
01-29-2023 | 06:37 AM

FUN Rating: 5 of 5 stars
really like your stories

hi Adel i have really really liked the stories you have big grin . BYE BYE!

Adel's Comment:

Thank you Carrie! I hope you really enjoyed my stories! big grin
1. Dad
from USA
01-01-2023 | 01:54 PM

Hi Adel!

Your site looks amazing, you are doing a fantastic job on your stories, keep up the great work.

-Love, Dad!

Adel's Comment:

Thanks dad I love you!!! Heart Heart Flower love